a neighbor of mine has a new rogue, darkish grey metallic. their rear bumper seems a shade darker, especially when you stare at it in direct sunlight. i think it might just be a nissan thing, go to some other nissan dealers and look at cars on a sunny day. i think its just a quality control issue. » 9/27/14 6:10pm Saturday 6:10pm

woulda coulda shoulda... if id taken every dollar id had in savings and bought stock in Ford, or GE, or just about anything after the crash (no GM or chrysler of course) id probably be a quarter millionaire by now. but i went in slowly and got out when i felt comfortable. im almost all liquid now *because* NASDAQ is… » 9/26/14 7:00pm Friday 7:00pm

its not free money- its a loan. pay it off when the bill comes, and its a free loan. reminds me of all the idiots that did cash-out refis because home prices were rising. yes- those are loans that need to be paid back, as well. » 9/25/14 7:28pm 9/25/14 7:28pm